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During this years festival there will be two workshops especially targeted against young movie-interested who want to learn how to be make (better) films.

The first workshop is WENIFF LAB which will be held over the week leading up to the festival every night from the 21st of october at VIBES culture workshop at Moa, Ålesund, and is for young people between 15-25 years of age.

The first day we will divide ourselves into groups and decide what format, subject and length the films will be, wether animation, documentary or fiction.

The workshop is free, the films will be made without a budgett and people will have to bring their own equipment. This year the workshop will be held by our own eminint festival-director and the director and script-writer Vigdis Nielsen.

There will also be time for watching films, socializing and there will be provided drinks and snacks every day.

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Little bit about Vigdis Nielsen


Vigdis Nielsen is a director and script-writer with many shortfilms for kids and teens under her belt among others «Hål i hjerta», «Stikk» and «Katteslottet». She has also directed multiple feature-length documentary films such as «Kampen om fjordane» and the international documentary-series «High Hopes». She has over 25 years of experience with practical workshops for young people who want to educate themselves in films and developing filmtalent in Bergen and Stavanger.

Vigdis has toured extensively with DKS working all over the school system and has developed multiple ways for young people to be educated in how to be involved both in front and behind the camera, in all kinds of genres be it shorts, documentary of feature/fiction.

She has worked with BUT (Barne- og ungdomsteateret) and at RØST in Bergen she looks for and develops young filmtalents together with Fyllingsdalen Teater


Vigdis Nielsen