Short Film | 24:14 min | Germany


1979. Aurora, ein kleines Mädchen, das in den Bayrischen Alpen lebt, macht mit ihrem Vater Valentin einen Ausflug in die Berge, um einen Sternschnuppenregen zu beobachten. Aurora und Valentin machen von dem Ereignis Fotos, die Aurora am nächsten Tag ihrer Mutter Sylvia zeigen will. Doch beim Abstieg passiert etwas Unerwartetes, dass für Auroras innere Welt eine große Herausforderung sein wird…


PHILIP ESCOBAR JUNG was born in San Juan,Puerto Rico in December 4 of 1973 . His mother is German, his father is from Panama. He went to the Jesuit High School COLEGIO SAN IGNACIO DE LOYOLA in Puerto Rico graduating in 1991. He studied Political Science and Latin American Studies at PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, earning a BA (Bachelor’s Degree) in 1995. Philip undertook film directing courses at the NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY in NEW YORK CITY in the summer of 1996. He finished a JD in LAW at the de UNIVERSIDAD DE PUERTO RICO in San Juan in 1999 and embarked on his dream to become a filmmaker moving to Germany in 1999. Philip studied Fiction Film Directing and Advertising Directing at the ACADEMY OF TELEVISION AND FILM, MUNICH (HFF MÜNCHEN) while working as freelance Content Editing Consultant at FRAMEPOOL AG Munich. He finished Advertising Directing courses in the Department of Advertising at the HFF Munich in 2012 with his Spec Spots LEICA “BIRDIE” and PHONAK “JOGGER”. He finished his Diploma studies in Fiction Directing at the HFF Munich with his short film “AURORA” (20 mins, Germany, fiction) shot in anamorphic cinemascope in the Bavarian Alps. “AURORA” tells the story of a little girl who embarks on a trip with her father to see a falling stars spectacle. Philip has just finished writing his first feature film screenplay along with writers Vera Casaca and Lydia Bernhardt titled “TAXI STORIES”, an episodic world film. In parallel, he is currently writing a gangster drama Feature-film set in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

  • Philip Escobar Jung
  • Lydia Bernhardt & Philip Escobar Jung
  • Maximilian Plettau