Future is here: Dokufest | 3:00 min | Kosovo


The fear of seeing the reality when they look is keeping everyone far away from the harsh truth of their programmed life. They didn’t have a say in the reality they live in but they chose to close their eyes.


Rron Bekteshi, born in February 13th 2001 in Prizren, Kosovo. Graduated from High School in 2019, he was the president and representative of Prizren’s students for Kosovar Youth Council (KYC). As an artlover, he experimented in many fields of art, but this is his first project as a filmmaker. Ermal Boşnak is an activist and human rights advocate born and raised in Prishtina, Kosovo. He graduated from high school this year in the field of Social-Linguistics. This is his first experience in filmmaking.

  • Director: Rron Bekteshi, Ermal Boşnak
  • Producer: DokuFest
  • Cinematography: Rron Bekteshi