Short Film | 9:00 min | Italy


An intellectual dress style man is shopping at the supermarket. After he bought the essential goods, he moves toward the refrigerated section to choose the yogurt to buy. The man realizes with amazement that each one of the yogurt cups has stamped on it the name of a religion instead of the yogurt brand…


Eugenio Villani is a director and producer based in Turin. He studied at Brera Academy where he became interested in Video art, animation and cinema. In 2011, he founded Haselwurm Produzioni after the production of the short film Haselwurm. In 2013 he directed the web pilot Ischidados produced by Chunk collective. In 2016 he produced and directed the short film Altre. In 2018 he produced and directed the short film
Relicious with the support of Film Commission Piemonte.

Raffaele Palazzo (Torino, 1982) works as educator in social cooperatives, projectionist and event planner. He is graduate in Education Science and he get a qualification as screenplay analysis technical. He works in contemporary and classical theatre and in the film industry as actor, screenwriter, producer, director and co-director. He loves sport and cinema and has a film blog review.


  • Eugenio Villani, Raffaele Palazzo
  • Raffaele Palazzo
  • Eugenio Villani /Haselwurm Produzioni Film Commission Piemonte