Thank you to all our applicants and contestants to WENIFF 2019!

This year as always we are proud and honoured to receive so many excellent contribution from both home and abroad. It’s been a long arduous process as always thanks to the high quality of films we have received. But the hard job of picking the contestants for the 7th edition of WENIFF had to be done, and we pleased with what we have chosen for this years festival!

This year will consist of a broad spectre of films, many of them contestants and price winners from other acclaimed film festivals from around the world.

We are also sorry for all the films we could not find a place for in this years festival. We wish you all the best and hope you will try again at a later point!

In the 7th edition of the WENIFF festival we will show 32 films both short films, documentaries and animation. For the selected this year we wish all the best and good luck!

To those of you filmmakers who have the opportunity to come and visit us in person we wish you a big welcome to WENIFF 2019, and Ålesund the pearl of Western Norway and gateway to the fjords!


List of films selected for WENIFF 2019



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