“The Truth” – Opening show

20:00 Opening show LØVENVOLD Film Theatre
Host, Jon Jon Humørfilosof Henriksen
Festival director, Besnik Zogaj
Mayor of Ålesund, Bjørn Tømmerdal
Minister of diaspora, Kosovo, Ibrahim Makolli

From ca. 20:50, films:
“The Truth” (Norge/Kosovo) PREMIÆRE
“Parvaneh” Switzerland (Kortfilm)
“Pouters” Scotland (Dokumentar)

22:45 – 03:30 AFTER FILM, på BOCCA

Løvenvold Film Theatre
From 17:00-
“No problem” (Kosovo)
“Girl and boy on the rock” (Switzerland)
“Das vorspiel” (Switzerland)
“A story of the modlins” (Spain)
“Jimmy” (Scotland)
“Don’t be curly” (Czechia)
“Podrumi” (The basement) (Kosovo)
“Sirocco” (Finland)

From ca. 19:50-
“Jaminkipohja” (Finland)
“Documentary” (Scotland)

22:00 – 03:30 AFTER FILM, på BOCCA

Løvenvold Film Theatre
From 12:00-
“Last confession” (Macedonia)
“Hunde Wie Wir” (Germany)
“Only red” (Kosovo)
“Bora” ( Kosovo)
“The wall” documantary (Serbia)

From 14:15-
“Ham story”
“Where Do the Wild Butterflies Grow”
“One Lucky Day” documentary (Kosovo)
“The Ruber” (Switzerland)
“Vigrasenderen” (Norge)
“Our school in a Nutshell”
“Hankikanto” (Finland)
“The identity of a spy” (Norway)

Award Show, Løvenvold
Klokka 18:00 Show – prisutdeling
Host; Jon Henriksen
Festival director Besnik Zogaj
West, give the award for Best camera
First Hotel Atlantica, for Best Manuscript
Member of the jury, for The audience award
Kosova- Minister, Ibrahim, Makolli for Best Documentary
Kirsti Dale, for Best short movie

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