WENIFF 2016 winners announced

Price for “Best camera” goes to the film Cloud and Mud



The filming and the way the lights were set was done in a beautiful way, and it underlines the message in the film delicately. It was done in a fine and brilliant way.


Price for “Best screenplay” goes to the film: “Promissum”



The manuscript describes the forever lasting question about how to love one another in good and bad times. The way the boat Skibladner is used as a metaphor for life, is masterly done. The film does not give an exact answer; instead it opens up for the audience to make their own thoughts about how the story ends.


The price for ’Best documentary’ goes to the film: “I am still alive.”



We get to know the young Palestinian boy, Muhammad. He has found his mental freedom in the occupied country in a circus, where he is   training and performing. We waggle feel the political tensions in the background, even when Muhammad is hit by a sniper and ends up badly injured in hospital. The political message does not take over the story. It’s a film about how to survive without losing yourself and sense of live as well. Political circus it is something other, quite out interest of this teenager.


The price for ’Best Short film’ goes to the film Pushing Night away



The film describes the meeting between Eddie, who wants to kill himself, and Kate who is fighting to keep herself alive. The production is delicate and the symbolics are discrete, but still clear. This is a film that will live for a long time in our hearts.


The Audience Award goes to the film: “Quiet on set”



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