WENIFF 2018 Winners Announced

The jury has spoken, and the winners of this year’s competition are:


Best Short Film – Modellastry

Best Documentary – The Sorrow of Our House

Best DOP – Forgive me

Best Script – Akif

Audience Award – Half wall


Jury statements


Best Cinematography:

The jury found this film to be an imaginative dreamscape of a very real
and urgent issue happening to young men in the Republic of Kosova. Using
a saturated palette and positioning the point of view of the spectator
by turns peripherally, intimately and urgently to narrate this troubled
family drama, we were deeply impressed with the director’s cinematic
vision and his collaboration with his cinematographer Agron
We give the prize to Besim Ugzmajli’s FORGIVE ME.


For Best Screenplay:

The jury found this script to be an intensely sophisticated and oblique
look at a young man’s story in Istanbul. Using an elliptical narrative,
the writer allows the spectator the opportunity to connect the dots in a
story of a capital city where the government is terrorizing its own
citizens. He describes so many worlds in just the brief 30-minute
running time of the film, extrapolating a personal story of a man
looking for refuge from a friend into a much larger political story. We
give the prize to Harun Baysan for AKIF.


For Best Short – Honourable Mention:
The jury wishes to give an Honourable Mention to a film that is
deceivingly simple but speaks worlds about the perils of our planet.
Using painstaking and beautiful stop-motion animation with the detritus
he finds on the beach where he lives, the director creates quite a
strong political statement by bringing to life the small plastic parts
from around the globe, that drift onto the shores of the islands off
Norway’s coast. We give a well-deserved honorable mention to Jan Otto
Ertesvag’s TIP-TOP.


For Best Short:

The jury was deeply impressed by this 6-minute virtuoso piece of work
and excited to discover a fresh storytelling voice in animation.
Creating a bespoke world of cruelty and vice, he tells an important and
vital story in an unusual treatise on #metoo and the victimization of
women by the fashion industry. Using sound effects for his characters’
dialogue and an original score, this is a fantastic piece of work. We
give the prize to Risto Kütt for MODELLASTRY.


For Best Documentary:

The jury loved this film for its multivalent approach of a generational
family story. Using an arsenal of cinematic tools including archives,
beautiful cinematic portraits of her subjects, interviews, and a
fictional frame of a young girl narrating her grandmother’s story – as
well as a story about a whole population of people displaced by forces
beyond their control – this is a new exciting voice in cinema. We give
the prize to writer-director Kirsten Gaynet for THE SORROW OF OUR HOUSE.



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