WENIFF Student

This is a workshop mainly for students studying film media and animation but will also be open for young people interested in the the filmindustry. The workshop will consist of viewing of quality films and talks from experienced people from the industry, where it will be ample posibilities for questions and talking with the presenters. WENIFF see the media- and filmstudents as vital for the festival and we therefore send invitations to learning institutions all over the region since inspiring and motivate young filmmakers is of the utmost importance to us.

This years responsible for WENIFF Student will be Jan Otto Ertesvåg

Jan Otto Ertesvåg

Jan Otto Ertesvåg was born in Ålesund, Norway in 1969. He holds an MA in animation from The Royal College of Art in London. Awards for his abstract animation include Animated Days – Oslo, Animafest – Zagreb and World Animation Celebration – Pasadena Los Angeles. After 12 years of animating and directing a variation of animation style in Oslo, he is now based in Ålesund on the beautiful north-west coast of Norway. 

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